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Welcome to the Maritime Solicitors Mediation Service (MSMS).

MSMS is a specialised service set up by a group of 19 English maritime law firms. The main objective of MSMS is to promote the use of mediation in the maritime  and marine insurance sector to assist parties to expedite the cost effective resolution of disputes.  The MSMS service covers the full range of "wet" and "dry" work: collisions, groundings, sinkings, fires and explosions, charterparty disputes, all matters affecting the carriage of goods by sea and marine insurance and reinsurance including hull, increased value, war, mortgagees interest, political risks, cargo, charterers' liability, energy, CAR/EAR/BAR.

The MSMS panel of Lead Mediators have carried out over 500 lead mediations between them, with a success rate (settlement rate) which is currently better than 80%.

MSMS Mediators comply with the European Code of Conduct for Mediators.  

For more information about structure and instant access to Advisors, Mediator contacts and MSMS standard documents go to:


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